Every day of our life is stuffed with information. All the time we concentrate upon seeing, hearing and reading. No matter whether we want to get the information or if we need it. We perceive what it is about. But we don’t know why somebody is telling us the story. Is it information? Or manipulation? What about truth? Of course there’s no time for reflexion. The infinite wave of information provides for it. Our thoughts are scattered immediately by new, more topical impulses and they’re focused again on the admission of new subjects.

„What about truth?“ is a series of works, which is freezing the moment of the first perception. Torn out newspaper copies are confronted with our own thoughts and inspirations: critically, sarcastically, uncut. The oiginal newspaper pages are painted with ballpoint pen, Indian ink, acrylic and watercolour. The artwork is mixed with the newspaper aesthetics. Sometimes with a distressing, exciting contradiction.




deep learning / 135 x 72 cm / graphit, ink, acrylics on newspaper

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